Microalgae Projects

National microAlgaepilot Mongstad

This facility has been made operation with the help of an ALCUSO member. This facility focusses on the valorization of waste streams for the production of microalgae for aquaculture feed applications. Projects are mainly supported by the Norwegian goverment and Norwegian aquaculture industry. Link to Website


Algae Production and Research Centre

Developing cost-effective and sustainable microalgae production methods outdoors. Economic and sustainability assessment of the entire chain for defining the research program which integrates biological and engineering aspects of cultivation and biorefinery. algaeparc.com

Photobioreactor with sunset

Biomass production

Contract production

Production of microalgae for pilot experiments with lipid rich biomass for biofuel applications

low cost outdoors photobioreactor


Karlijn Sibbel

Karlijn Sibbel is studying the possibilities of growing algae in tube-shaped moulds, among other shapes, by regulating the growth.


Pattern Dyeing with Algae

Vivian Hartung

A research into the possibility of growing graphic patterns on textile materials using algae. By manipulation light or adding pressure point it’s possible to control the algae growth and create patterns.


Microalgae coloring