Offering algae cultivation solutions

A PhD from AlgaePARC, Wageningen University specialized in microalgae technology. Jeroen has 8 years of experience in the development of different pilot-scale photobioreactors with different microalgal species. In conclusion, this knowledge is used to bring your microalgae business to the next level.


Jeroen de Vree (Team)


Dr Jeroen de Vree


Jeroen has obtained his PhD within the AlgaePARC project. Jeroen is a specialist in setting up pilot plants and modelling of microalgae growth. Currently, Jeroen is employed as a Post doc at the University of Bergen, Norway. At the University of Bergen Jeroen works as a post doctoral fellow on the production of microalgae. The projects are carried out both at the University of Bergen laboratory facility and the National microAlgaepilot Mongstad (NAM). In this research Jeroen focusses on producing microalgae while valorizing different waste streams. Such as carbon dioxide sources and different waste streams that could supply nitrogen and phosphate for microalgae production. The applications of the produced microalgae differs among the projects, mainly targetting aquaculture applications.